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Why Use Size

Discover New Opportunities

First you screen, then you Size. Cut through the noise, and screen active listings in any zip code based on your search profile. Generate full investment summaries directly from this ranked list.

Perform Due Diligence

Size up new or existing deals instantly. Size generates a full investment summary complete with cash flow models, market data, and narrative sections.

Dynamic A.I. Integration

Is A.I. another buzz-word - Yes. Does that mean it can't improve your workflow - Absolutely not. We leverage the best A.I. models to improve deal analysis where it makes sense. We will always adopt and integrate new tech whenever beneficial.

Export Friendly

No matter how cool new tech is, spreadsheets still reign supreme. We built Size to support seamless export to spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets and Excel, and of course the ability to PDF or Print your reports.

Discover New Opportunities with Size

How it Works

Input Property or Location

Input the property or location you are interested in.

Click Size Button

Click the "Size Deal".

Size Collects Data and Generates Analysis

Size collects market data, creates financial models, and generates narrative analysis.

Get Investment Summary and Market Reports

Users are delivered a polished investment summary or market deal screening report.

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